About the Better Way Alliance

The Better Way Alliance is Canada’s Ethical Employer Network.

We are your voice for ethical employer practices with governments, politicians, and media. Our members are business leaders that invest in workers as their organization’s greatest asset.  These practices are developing more resilient and community-focused Main Streets across CanadaMore recently we’ve launched our Commercial Rent Reform campaign to give business owners a voice under Ontario’s Commercial Tenancies Act.

The BWA was launched in 2017 by a group of Business Owners that saw the economic value of higher minimum wages. Their efforts helped lead the Ontario government adopting a $15 minimum wage. Subsequent study has shown this was a huge benefit to the province’s economy.

Since then, the BWA has added Paid Sick Days and Fair Scheduling policy ideas to our ethical employer platform.  These policies benefit businesses by creating higher retention along with healthier and more productive employees. Our Network of Business Owners continues to grow as more businesses find the economic value in developing great relationships with their employees.

The Better Way Alliance is Canada's Ethical Business Network.

Our team primarily works in 3 areas:

Government Relations

We’re constantly developing deeper relationships with all 3 levels of government to create better policies for Business Owners and their Employees.

We’re leading the way to a better and fairer economy for everyone in Canada by engaging with elected officials and key bureaucrats.  From time to time, we call on our Members to write letters, speak to media, and join us in meetings with elected officials.

Storytelling through Traditional and Social Media

Your business may find ideas like Paid Sick Days, Fair Scheduling and Higher Wages commonplace.

You know why they’re better for your business – but not everyone does. It’s why we love telling our Member’s stories far and wide – when we tell your story, we’re building a better future for everyone.

Membership Events and Advice

We’re keen connectors of people. Our goal is to ALWAYS create meaningful relationships between members.

We’re stronger together and as we continue to grow membership across Canada, will foster a tight community of passionate members. We’re making this happen with regular digital and in-person events. Got an event idea?