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Who Are We?

The BWA is Canada’s Ethical Employer voice. We are community-focused businesses creating good local jobs. Through tools like Paid Sick Days, Fair Scheduling, and Higher than Minimum Wages, we help unlock the human potential in Canadian Business.

We’re businesses from across multiple industries that believe employees are our greatest assets. From Retail to Manufacturing and Financial Services, our Members represent the best of their industries. We build stronger local economies through better employment practices while advocating for issues important to our members.

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Who Are You?

BWA Members are present in every industry and believe that employees are a businesses greatest asset.  If this sounds like you, fill out the form below and apply to join the BWA.

There is currently no cost to join and we evaluate every business on a case by case basis. Do you have questions? Read our FAQ.

Why Join the BWA?

Our team is dedicated to telling stories like yours to media, policy makers and politicians. 

Some benefits of joining the BWA:

    • Telling stories like yours to media, policy makers and politicians
    • Connecting you with like-minded business owners
    • Engaging you directly with elected officials and media
    • Growing our network and creating resiliency for holistic business practices
    • Creating action campaigns on key business concerns
    • Public Recognition of your successful employment practices

We believe our members are our best spokespeople and want to feature your business as often as possible. Join our network to connect with other businesses with similar missions.
Membership is currently no-cost. Join and enjoy all these benefits and more.

There’s a great cultural shift happening amongst North American businesses. For the last 3 decades, big businesses with less than stellar employment practices have dictated government policy.  We’re changing that by building a membership of community-focused businesses creating great local jobs.

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