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The Business Case for Ethical Employment

When you take care of your staff, they’ll take care of your business.

Business is complex – your employment practices don’t need to be.

The Better Way Alliance is a group of Canadian business owners that have seen bottom-line and cultural success through simple employment practices.  Now we’re sharing our secrets with the rest of the world.  When everyone succeeds, we all do better.  Read on to discover how we’ve transformed our businesses by highlighting our greatest assets – our employees.

Factsheet: More-than-minimum wages

Employers paying more-than-minimum wages to all staff are highly sought-after. It means you’ll have an easier time finding workers – and it’s a reason staff stick around, too. Download the More-than-minimum wages Factsheet for more benefits.

Factsheet: Fair Scheduling

Stable scheduling practices are all about making it easy for staff to get to work on time and stay for their entire shift. Workers that have predictability and advance notice in their schedules are happier workers – because it makes life that much easier! Download the Stable Scheduling Factsheet for more info.

Factsheet: Paid Sick Days

A paid sick day program leads to better staff performance and less downtime. Why? Because workers feel confident taking time to recover when they’re sick – without risking their paycheque or their jobs. Uncover more benefits in the Paid sick days Factsheet.

Pssst – want to learn the secrets of business owners with lifetime customers?

Hiring is hard right now. There’s more and more coverage in the news on how businesses are facing a labour shortage. And it comes at a time when some businesses aren’t even back at pre-pandemic sales trends. 

But there’s a new story surfacing – and it’s built on real successes by real businesses. It’s a story of businesses weathering the storm by attracting and keeping the best employees – and building a great reputation while doing so.

This is the story of ethical employment – and the employers that create great local jobs. 

In the past, people have asked us whether ethical employment pays off. We answer with a resounding “YES”! 

It pays off with finding & keeping staff, eliminating turnover costs, creating lifetime customers – and more.

And we’ve captured all these payoffs – financial and social – in our Business Case for Ethical Employment. 


Gabrielle Prud'homme of Almanac Grain lifting a bag of grain.

What is the Business Case for Ethical Employment?

The Business Case for Ethical Employment covers three key tools that Canadian businesses in all sectors can implement. 

It’s the culmination of 22 in-depth interviews with business owners, 81 external secondary sources (like media and journal articles), and a feedback process with 6 business leaders.

The Business Case for Ethical Employment presents the financial and social benefits that businesses can experience when they implement ethical employment programs in their workplaces.

Download the Business Case for Ethical Employment now!


Watch the webinar for exclusive conversations with three business owners

This webinar is the ONLY PLACE you’ll find in-depth stories told by three BWA members who go into detail about their journey and successes implementing ethical employment practices. 

The webinar also provides a high-level summary of the three key ethical employment tools and significant benefits they provide.

It’s 25 minutes and worth every minute. Watch it on your stationary bike, walking the dog, stirring the pasta sauce…

Watch the Business Case for Ethical Employment Webinar

Considering doing a shared event with us? Check this talk out first. We can develop a collaboration around this content – and even bring along a business owner or two! 


Grab the full-length report for guidance on how to start or improve your programs

So you want it all? Us too. 

In this full-length document, you’ll get a breakdown of all the benefits ethical employment provides and all the facts to back it up. Plus, we give you questions to help you get started or enrich your existing ethical employment programs – for each key business tool. What more could you ask for?! 

(Actually, go ahead and ask for more – we’d love to hear how we can help you out!)

Snack-sized highlights on each key tool – perfect for sharing

If you only have 3 minutes, get just the key benefits on the tool you’re burning to know more about. 

These are perfect conversation starters with your business advisors or around the management table.  Come back for more when you’ve got time to read about another tool!

Download them here:

More-than-minimum wages Factsheet

Stable Scheduling 2-pager

Paid sick days Factsheet


What’s next for you?

Share it

If you’re a fan of local businesses creating great local jobs, help us build the movement!

You don’t have to be a business owner to help! Here are some ideas:

  • Share the Business Case for Ethical Employment with your network
  • Chat with the groups you’re in and propose to bring a BWA speaker to an event
  • Write about the Business Case in your media channels, blogs, or group newsletters (and tag us!)
  • Invite a BWA speaker to your classroom, workshops or podcast

Schedule a virtual coffee with us to let us know what ideas you have and how we can work together!

Try it

Start where you are and take small steps forward. For a list of questions that help you identify a pathway forward, check out our “What’s next for you” sections in the full-length Business Case.

Your staff probably have valuable ideas for you to consider when designing an ethical employment program for your business. They know what already works and what can work better when it comes to scheduling, wages, and paid sick days. Staff insight can help you design a program that makes big strides with small changes.

Chat with your advisors – use the factsheets to have a conversation and determine a pilot project to test a new tool. Reach out to the BWA to connect with a business owner who has already implemented the tool you’re working on – it’s a great way to learn lessons quickly.