We’ve seen headline after headline about business struggles since 2020 – which is why now is the right time to release our Business Case for Ethical Employment.

Businesses are struggling to navigate higher prices, supply shortages and hiring challenges, all while trying to bounce back to pre-pandemic sales trends. A huge portion of Canadians have reached retirement age, and younger workers are switching to jobs with better benefits and career progression. It’s left some industries with vacancies that take months to fill. But there’s a secret weapon available to all businesses, one that will help weather the storm – and it’s called ethical employment. 

Our Business Case for Ethical Employment presents 3 key tools that businesses in every industry can use to keep a competitive edge by investing in human talent.

Business case for ethical employment webinar

It’s here! Our Business Case for Ethical Employment – watch the webinar


What’s in the Business Case for Ethical Employment?


 We identify economic benefits from implementing these business tools – ways that investing in talent adds to your bottom line. After all, this is a business case for ethical employment, and that means understanding immediate and long-term returns from implementing new practices.

We cover the social benefits that these three tools provide, too – because sometimes it can be hard to put a dollar value on relief from a toxic workplace, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. 

Our Business Case for Ethical Employment draws on 22 in-depth interviews with business owners, 81 secondary sources (like reports and media articles), and a feedback process with 6 business leaders in different industries. This makes it the first business case of its kind and particularly relevant at this moment in Canadian (and global) business.


How to access the business case


We prepared an exclusive launch video where three BWA member business owners give you an in-depth look at how ethical employment pays off for their business. You won’t find this exclusive content anywhere else!

Or you can download the full Business Case for Ethical Employment. It’s the best place to find full coverage of the benefits from all three tools. Plus it contains a little gift for you: guidance on how you can get started, or begin increasing the depth of your existing policies, right away! 

Need it quick? Check out our bite-sized factsheets for each tool. They’re small summaries that present a business case for each tool. They’re also perfect for downloading and sharing with your co-owners and executives.


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The Business Case for Ethical Employment, aka the business case that guarantees results


It won’t wipe away business worries forever. That’s part of the journey of being a business owner! But it will temper the effects of external pressures by building an internal culture of loyalty, good performance, trust, and health. Those feed your workers’ leadership potential, and by also investing in advanced training, you’ll build a team of leaders who can help out with more challenging tasks at work. You’ll learn how to be a leader that is trusted by their staff and the business community.

Investing in your staff pays off – our Business Case for Ethical Employment explains how.