Submitted to the Ministry of Labour for the business consultation on pay transparency

As a network of Ontario business owners who believe in investing in good jobs to boost our bottom lines, we are concerned that the Pay Transparency Act, which seeks to narrow the gender wage gap, is currently on hold.

To support business and economic growth, governments have a duty to enact a floor of standards that level the playing field. We call on Premier Doug Ford to implement the Pay Transparency Act without further delay, to ensure all businesses respect pay equity standards.

While we already have existing pay equity laws in Ontario, great disparities remain in knowledge about and adherence to these regulations. Once implemented, the Pay Transparency Act would provide businesses with both the tools and the urgency to enact pay equity in workplaces throughout the province. When all businesses play by the same rules, we have fairer competition.

Setting wages behind closed doors isn’t working for pay equity, and we need to do something about it. As the Ontario government states in its own backgrounder to this consultation, “closing the gender wage gap would support increased productivity and labour market participation, key measures to continue to drive Ontario’s economy.” While many companies have already embraced equitable human resource practices, it is time for all businesses to step up.

Including wage ranges in job postings and assuring employees that they may openly discuss wages – without fear of getting disciplined – are practical steps all Ontario businesses can take without facing undue costs. As for large companies with 100+ employees that would be required to submit annual reports on wage gaps, existing employee tracking processes will aid greatly in making this adjustment without the burden of significant cost increases.

Pay equity is not just red tape. The Pay Transparency Act will help Ontario businesses enforce existing pay equity laws, and level the playing field for all. At the Better Way Alliance, we call upon the government to implement the Act without delay.

– The Better Way Alliance, including:

Cake and Loaf Bakery (Hamilton), Broad Lingerie (Toronto), PeaceWorks Technology Solutions (Waterloo), Full Circle Foods (Kitchener), Bread By Us (Ottawa), St. Stephen’s Community House (Toronto), Ontario Living Wage Network

The Better Way Alliance is a network of Ontario business owners who consider employee well-being a smart investment, for our long-term profitability and the health of Canada’s economy. Our members employ more than 30,000 Ontarians. Industries represented include services, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing.