Business owners welcome news of a $15 minimum wage on January 1, 2022, which will put more money in workers’ pockets to spend at businesses in their local economies. This is the absolute bare minimum from a government that cancelled a scheduled $15 minimum wage three years ago.

Small business owners, who are members of the Better Way Alliance, have been paying at least a $15 minimum wage for years. We see the benefits in higher productivity, reduced turnover and increased staff loyalty. It is clear that the economic benefits of increasing the minimum wage far outweigh the potential costs to business. 

Unfortunately, some big companies that have profited from the pandemic refuse to provide decent wages. The business groups that represent those corporations stoked fears that the minimum wage would lead to job losses in 2018, but the economy actually gained jobs. Those same voices are now saying it’s bad timing for business. 

The truth is the pandemic has confirmed that decent work is essential for our businesses and the foundation of a healthy economy. This is exactly why businesses like ours pay decent wages and provide paid sick days.

For small businesses, raising the minimum wage helps to level the playing field. We hope to see permanent paid sick days next on the legislative agenda. Until then, we support this positive move forward.

I will be glad to see a $15 minimum wage. Decent wages help level the playing field for those of us who have made fair wages a priority for years. In my business we have near zero turnover. That’s thanks in part to decent wages. This is good for business. – Anita Agrawal, CEO & Designer, Jewels 4 Ever and Best Bargains, and Professor, School of Business, Centennial College, Toronto

At my bakery, staff work hard and long hours. Fair wages are essential. $15 per hour is the bare minimum. I’m confident that small and big companies alike will benefit from offering better wages. – Jessica Carpinone, Owner, Bread By Us, Ottawa

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The Better Way Alliance is a growing movement of businesses supporting decent wages, paid sick days, and fair scheduling laws. Decent work is good for business. Our members employ more than 30,000 Ontarians. Industries represented include services, retail, food and hospitality, and manufacturing.