Organizations are challenged today like never before as they navigate the complexities of a “new normal.”

“Business as usual” is no longer the easy option to growth and sustainable success. The accelerated pace of change resulting from the continued emergence of new technologies is forcing all sectors to quickly adapt and shift or get left behind. Today’s workplace requires individuals and teams to think, behave and strategize in brand new ways.

It is therefore an imperative to plan for business sustainability and for many businesses that means hiring good staff. People who will be there for you and represent your business with excellence.

Sometimes hiring is terrifying, especially if an employee isn’t the right fit, they leave or you let them go and you’re worse off than when you started.

How and when to hire is one of the pressing questions of growing businesses.

Here’s how to get started on sustainable hiring and building a great team:

  • Take the time to write out the kind of personal qualities and work skills that will and won’t work for you.
  • Pay well. Do the math, and if you’re concerned about costs, think hard about going outside the box to make it happen.
  • Consider your employees’ point of view – the better perks and workplace culture, the more likely they are to do a good job and stick with your company as you grow.

We’re operating in more and more competitive workplaces. The jobs we create today must be relevant, equitable and adaptable – this is becoming a critical issue.

If you have sticker shock when looking at labour costs, try looking at different ways of operating. Can you create efficiencies? Can you connect with other businesses to help with services and cut down costs? Think outside the box!

Vicki Cummings, Vision Co-Create

About Vision Co-Create

Vision Co-Create’s focus is centered around helping organizations create cultures of leadership and excellence that are purpose-driven and values-based, to ignite growth, transformation and sustainability. We don’t believe in off-the-shelf solutions. Our strength is in our ability to offer you out-of-the-box solutions to fit your unique needs.

Our philosophy is, the better you support your business, the drivers of your business, the more profitable and sustainable your business will be.