Aangen is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to providing sustainable, solution-based responses to social injustices locally and globally. We focus on breaking the cycle of poverty through innovative programs that address hunger and homelessness, create employment opportunities for marginalized people, help families in crisis and much more. We raise funds for our community service programs by selling farm products, and providing catering and cleaning services. Our vision to foster personal empowerment and nurture communities is embodied by our driving philosophy: One Love. One World.

Pay it forward by working with a social enterprise. Together we can create a community-based economy.

In light of Covid-19, Aangen has invested in training our staff with up to date CleanLearning certification and full PPE training. Aangen Cleaning Services provides all necessary supplies and PPE for our staff. Our employees are paid fairly for their work and all proceeds generated from our services goes back into our Chance for Change program and supports our Families in Need services. Aangen works with organizations of all sizes and assessments are always free of charge. Prices are determined by the number of hours required to do the job and the specific needs of the space.

Read more about our impact here: https://www.aangen.com/copy-of-families-in-need



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  • 868 Dovercourt Road, Toronto, M6H 2X5, Canada


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