After years of working Service industries, Almanac Grain's owner Gabrielle Prud'homme had enough - "When I decided to open my own business I vowed never to treat staff the way I was treated" - which is a fairly common thread with BWA Business Owners.  Now, her small and mighty staff creates top quality flour, grain, and baked goods for wholesale and retail customers.  In fact - they supply BWA Member Aiana!

Their traditional milling techniques take a little longer to bring to final product - but the difference in quality is well worth the extra time.  It's this same dedication to the craft that she has taken with her employment practices.  From the beginning, Almanac baked in (😉) more than minimum wages, paid sick days, a fair schedule AND paid vacation.  While this scrappy little mill might not be the end destination for every employee, Gabrielle is doing everything she can to make it an exceptional work environment.

"We want our business to be a place where employees share in our success. Decent work is an essential part of the way we want to build our company. Paying competitive wages is one piece and the returns are obvious; key employees will choose to stay at a workplace that values them. Money is only the start. Paid sick days, fair scheduling and listening to the people we work with in order to co-create a workplace that delivers a great product and properly values its people along the way is all part of it."
Gabrielle Prud'homme
Almanac Grain Ottawa