Motherdough Mill & Bakery is a small bakery with a stone mill in Toronto, Ontario. We focus on organic, locally sourced ingredients for small batch baking of breads, vienoisserie, empanadas, tarts, loaf cakes, cookies and squares. All of our breads are sourdoughs, all of our baking includes at least 50% freshly milled whole grain,  and many of our pastries have a long fermentation process to enrich flavour. The majority of the ingredients we use are organic and from local farmers who vend at the farmers’ markets we attend year round. We have a 26 inch New American Stone Mill and with it we mill flour from organic grains such as a variety of wheats, spelt, rye, corn, buckwheat, barley, emmer, einkorn, rice, teff, kamut, and quinoa. We also mill to order for the public.

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  • , Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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