Riverside Natural Foods is purpose driven to inspire a healthier, more compassionate world.  Launched by Nima, Salma, and Sahba Fotovat, Riverside's passion for quality is visible in their approach to food and employment practices.  During 2021, they scaled up every employee to 14 paid sick days to reduce any potential sickness spread in their staff.  It also allowed them to continue operating their manufacturing facility without any stoppage.

Riverside firmly believes people are the company's greatest asset. Leading by example, they hope more businesses find similar success in employee-first practices.  As Nima Fotovat likes to say "when you take care of people, the people take care of your business".  If you haven't tried their Made Good line of snacks, now is a great time to try.

"Today MADEGOOD is loved by families and their kids for their safe for school snacks that are free of the most common allergens, organic, many contain a full hidden serving of vegetables, and they are all so delicious. What makes MADEGOOD a standout in the aisle is that every ingredient and every step has been carefully chosen to do good, like the oats grown by Canadian farmers in the Prairies, and the facility that is rigorously kept nut-free."

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