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Since 2017, the Better Way Alliance has mobilized Canada’s ethical business community. We are Canada’s leading business voice on issues like Paid Sick Days, Minimum Wages, Fair Scheduling and Commercial Rent. Continue down to our Media Bank for quotes on these issues.

Many BWA Member businesses are well-versed in communicating complex ideas with simplicity.  Our passionate members tell real and incredible stories about these policies improving employee retention, community engagement, and bottom lines.

We connect media with our members on stories about:

      • Minimum Wage Increases
      • Paid Sick Days
      • Portable Benefits
      • Gig Economy Work
      • Business Succession and Planning
      • Commercial Rent Increases
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Media Statements

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All quotes attributed to: Aaron Binder, Director, Better Way Alliance – or – Lili Camacho, Director, Better Way Alliance

Paid Sick Days Statements

Paid Sick Days just work. Our Member Businesses know that keeping their staff healthy keeps them productive. Legislating a permanent Paid Sick Days policy will help guarantee a healthy recovery for Canada's economy while reducing strain on provincial healthcare systems.

“Government’s around the globe understand that reducing stress on healthcare systems is key. Legislated Paid Sick Days help accomplish this by decreasing the spread of transmissible illnesses like COVID, the Flu, and colds in the workplace. Legislated Paid Sick Days ensure workers don’t have to choose between a paycheque or showing up sick and infecting their coworkers.”

“Keeping retention low is a goal of all successful enterprises, Paid Sick Days are one of the top tools to increase retention in lower wage jobs to protect workers and profits. Giving a single worker the time off to recover is far better than infecting 5 employees and having to shut down a business.”

Fair Scheduling Statements

“Businesses that plan in advance are planning for success. Study after Study shows fair scheduling practices like 2 week planning and paying for called-off shifts keeps employees happy, more productive, and less likely to look for another job.”

BWA Member businesses indicate higher performance and less unscheduled sick days since adopting Fair Scheduling practices – leading to better productivity and sales.

“Nobody wants to work in a chaotic environment, regularly scheduling in advance gives employees the opportunity to take care of their lives – and your business. When employees can plan around work, they’ll plan to be at work when scheduled.”

More Than Minimum Pay Statements

“Paying more than minimum is one of the best competitive investments that most businesses can make. Increased wages correlate directly to higher retention and employee productivity. By adopting a higher starting wage, businesses also benefit from higher quality candidates. It’s a Better Way Alliance practice that works for our Members and will work for your business too.”

“Reducing employee turnover is a highly effective way to increase profits and productivity. Customers prefer shopping in stores where they’ve developed relationships with staff. Competitive wages are a successful ongoing investment with huge long-term benefits.”

Most business owners want to pay higher wages - and it makes economic sense.  More than Minimum wages develop higher retention and better productivity. Finding the right wage balance in your business can help create consistent growth and repeat business.