What is it?

Workers in Canada need a minimum of seven paid sick days, and 14 in a pandemic. A paid sick day is just that – you are paid your full wage for the day with no deductions and no requirement to make up the time unpaid later. You won’t be penalized, demoted or fired for taking them when you need them and you know your paycheque at the end of the period will be exactly what you had budgeted for. You don’t need to apply or seek approval – if you’re sick, you’re sick, and you need to stay home.

The Canada Sickness Recovery Benefit (CRSB), or any similar program (EI, CERB, etc.) is NOT paid sick leave. For employees to be able to stay home at the first sign of a sniffle or sore throat, paid sick days MUST be employer-provided. Workers needs to know they will still be able to pay the rent or grocery bills that week if they do the right thing to stop the spread. This protects our co-workers and clients, our businesses, and our communities.

Why do we need it?

The importance of being able to stay home when sick has never been more apparent than now in the midst of a global pandemic.

Click here for a 2-page fact sheet on why paid sick leave is good for business!


About the Better Way Alliance: The Better Way Alliance is a growing movement of businesses supporting decent wages, paid sick days, and fair scheduling laws. Decent work is good for business. Our members employ more than 30,000 Ontarians. Industries represented include services, retail, food and beverage, and manufacturing.