BWA delegates mingle with Members of Provincial Parliament at our Queen’s Park reception

We had a great time chatting up some MPPs at our reception at Queen’s Park on May 16, 2023. This followed a series of meetings with five MPPs where we discussed our contribution to job creation and local economic wealth creation, and raised our concerns for a healthy economy.

Take a look at some photos from our visit!

Business owners standing with MPPs

From left, Aron Binder, Jess Carpinone, Liliana Camacho, MPP Wong-Tam, Anita Agrawal, MPP Harden at our reception celebrating ethical employers at Queen’s Park.


Business owners and delegates standing with MPPs at Queen's Park reception

MPPs Chris Glover and Wong-Tam standing with group of BWA delegates at our reception celebrating ethical employers. From left, Jess Carpinone, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Colin Pearce, Karen Shulman-Dupuis, Anita Agrawal, Ravi Jain, Kate Fane, Arni Mikelsons, Liliana Camacho, MPP Glover, Jason Rizzutti, Aaron Binder


BWA delegates at Queen's Park reception for ethical employers

The full delegation of ethical employers minus Jon Rennie pose for the camera. From left, Karen Schulman-Dupuis, Arni Mikelsons, Colin Pearce, Kate Fane, Aaron Binder, Anita Agrawal, Liliana Camacho, Jess Carpinone, Ravi Jain


BWA staff dancing at Queen's Park

BWA staffers Liliana Camacho, Jess Carpinone and Aaron Binder hamming it up at Queen’s Park