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Does your business have Paid Sick Days, pay above Minimum Wages, and Progressive Scheduling?

You are ALREADY a Better Way Business. Read our Benefits page to find out why we should become friends.

Has your Commercial Rent increased?

Dealing with exorbitant rent increases? You’re not alone. In fact it’s a top 3 issue for Main Street businesses across Canada.

Join our campaign and get your voice heard in the media and political spheres.

The Business Case for Paid Sick Days + Higher Wages and Fair Scheduling

BWA Members all enjoy benefits from these business practices. From better economic performance to retention and even succession planning – investing in your employees means they’ll invest back in you. Read and find out how these ideas can increase resilience and profitability.

Directory Discover our Canadian Business Members

We’re growing our membership from coast to coast to coast. Find your local BWA business members in our directory. From charming cafes to grocery, shop at great businesses today.

Is Your Business Being Affected by Commercial Rent Increases?

Can your business afford a 10, 20, or 50% rent increase from one month to the next? We’ve heard from business owners across Ontario and Canada that are being affected by unmanageable rent increases. Join our campaign and take action to protect local brick and mortar businesses.

What is the BWA

The Better Way Alliance is Canada’s Ethical Employer Network.
We are your voice for ethical business practices with governments, politicians, and the media. We’re deeply invested in developing resilient business communities that invest in workers as an organization’s greatest asset.

At Queen’s Park we’re currently working on advocating for Commercial Rent Reform in Ontario. Businesses are experiencing 10, 20, and 50% or more rent hikes that are damaging local neighbourhoods and economies. Without changes soon, we risk losing many longstanding local businesses forever.

Who is the BWA Serving?

The BWA is a network of business owners across Canada that have unlocked the human potential in their businesses with Paid Sick Days, Higher than Minimum Wages, and Fair Scheduling. Whether just starting to adopt ethical employment practices, or a seasoned champion, our members know that these ethical employment practices create competitive advantages for their businesses. BWA members are passionate about creating good jobs and fostering strong local economies.

Why Would I Join the BWA?

Businesses across Canada rely on their employees for success.

Joining the BWA means joining a network of Canadian business owners who invest in their employees as their #1 asset for success.

Our members help each other grow through networking and virtual and live learning events. Members have the opportunity to speak with politicians and media to promote practices that foster resilient and vibrant local economies.

If you’re a community focused business creating good local jobs, get in touch.

Benefits of Joining the BWA

We’re a growing network that can give you a voice and amplify your story beyond our network. We want to help you showcase that building a better business is the norm – not an anomaly. Join our network to connect with other businesses with similar missions.

Our team is dedicated to telling stories like yours to media, policy makers and politicians. There’s a great cultural shift happening amongst North American businesses. For the last 3 decades, big businesses with less than stellar employment practices have dictated government policy.

Meanwhile, the majority of businesses support ethical practices – it’s better for business and local economies. The BWA operates at this intersection. We advocate for better government policy, promote our members, and make sure they have the tools to operate profitable businesses.

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