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Tania Lo and Renee Mitchell from Tandem Innovation Group offer expert insights on how to keep your cash flow healthy in this webinar.  Watch clips or the whole presentation at the link.

The Business Case for Paid Sick Days + Higher Wages and Fair Scheduling

BWA Members all enjoy benefits from these business practices. From better economic performance to retention and even succession planning – investing in your employees means they’ll invest back in you. Read and find out how these ideas can increase resilience and profitability.

Directory Discover our Canadian Business Members

We’re growing our membership from coast to coast to coast. Find your local BWA business members in our directory. From charming cafes to grocery and professional services – find your local Better Way Alliance business members and help them keep creating great local jobs.

Is Your Business Being Affected by Commercial Rent Increases?

Can your business afford a 10, 20, or 50% rent increase from one month to the next? We’ve heard from business owners across Ontario and Canada that are being affected by unmanageable rent increases. Join our campaign and take action to protect local brick and mortar businesses.

What is the BWA

The Better Way Alliance is Canada’s Ethical Employer Network. We KNOW there’s a better way to do business.

Our team advocates for ethical business practices with governments, business organizations, politicians, and the media. Our members invest in workers as an organization’s greatest asset.  We’re telling the stories of their success and a kinder economy.

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Who is the Better Way Alliance?

The BWA is a network of progressive employers across Canada.

From Restaurants to Lawn Care, our members are active in every industry & creating good local jobs.  We have businesses from 1-500 employees – who all believe that our people are our greatest assets.

Meet our members and support local Canadian businesses creating good local jobs. 

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Why Would I Join the BWA?

Joining the BWA connects you to a business network focused on learning, connecting, and researching how we can all create better jobs and more resilient businesses.

Our members help each other grow through networking, virtual, and live learning events.  Do you have a great story to tell about your business?  Let’s work together.

BWA members have the opportunity to speak with politicians and media about how they’re creating resilient and vibrant local economies through good jobs. We’re a growing network that gives socially driven businesses a voice and place to belong.

We want to help you showcase that building a better business is the norm – not an anomaly.

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Ontario Bill 149: Working for Workers Four Act

Ontario Bill 149: Working for Workers Four Act

In 2024, the Ontario government is expected to table Bill 149: the Working for Workers Four Act. You can read more about the proposed act here - and we've selected some of the sections that foster progressive and sustainable workplace practices. If enacted, Bill 149...

Workshop: Cash Flow Planning for a Healthy Business

Workshop: Cash Flow Planning for a Healthy Business

Cash Flow Planning for a Healthy Business Key Takeaways from Our Cash Flow Planning Workshop In the ever-evolving landscape of small business management, understanding and optimizing cash flow has never been more crucial. This workshop, led by Tandem Innovation...