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We are a group of Ontario businesses committed to creating decent jobs in our communities, with the belief that investing in employees is good for business.

As such, we ask the government to repeal Bill 47.

The expansion of workers’ rights included in Bill 148 of last year was not too onerous for businesses to accommodate.

A look at business statistics tells us:

  • Large firms – companies with more than 500 employees – are 5 times more likely to pay minimum wage than small or medium-sized businesses.[1]
  • More than 80% of Ontario’s small business employees earn above the minimum wage and are offered flexibility in the workplace to deal with personal issues.[2]
  • More than 60% of small and medium business owners agree with a $15 minimum wage or higher.[3]

Small and medium-sized businesses create the most jobs in Ontario. Most of us already know that when we take care of our staff, our staff take care of our customers. We already embrace many of the changes to Employment Standards last year – and it’s time for the largest companies in the province to do the same.

Legislation mandating a decent minimum wage, paid sick days, equal pay and fair scheduling practices is needed for us to compete fairly with all businesses. We also need such legislation for the sake of our society and local economies. If people don’t have enough money, they’re not spending it. That directly impacts our businesses.

We believe in stable, decent work – not just for our employees but for all Ontarians.

Thank you.

Better Way Alliance, including:

Community Food Centres Canada, FoodShare Toronto, HotBlack Coffee, Knifewear Group, Neal Brothers, PeaceWorks, Pre-Line Processing, Walk My Dog Toronto

The Better Way Alliance is a growing network of Ontario businesses who consider employee well-being a smart investment. Sectors represented include: retail, manufacturing, food, beverage and hospitality, consumer products (local and global exports), services (personal and home, insurance, technology), consulting, social enterprise, and not-for-profit.

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